1. The consignor shall consign his/her handbag or wallet/wristlet to Handbag Consignment Shop for sale and returns.  However, the Handbag Consignment Shop shall have the right to refuse acceptance of said items within ten business days or receipt of the same.  If the Handbag Consignment Shop refuses acceptance within ten business days of receipt, the consignor shall be fully responsible for any postage or delivery fees associated with returning said items to the consignor.
  2. The consignor agrees to deliver the goods at the warehouse of the Handbag Consignment Shop at 1311 – 11th Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 or via pick-up arrangements with either our East Coast or West Coast Handbag Ambassadors (please call for more details) free of expense to the Handbag Consignment Shop.
  3. The Handbag Consignment Shop agrees to receive on consignment the products of the consignor as contemplated in paragraph one.  In addition, the parties hereto agree that they will divide the proceeds of any sale of the name items such that the Handbag Consignment Shop shall receive 60 percent (60%) and that the consignor shall receive forty percent (40%).  Furthermore, the parties agree that the consignee shall offer the consigned stock for sale at a full consigned price for ninety days after acceptance. After ninety days any unsold stock shall be offered for sale at a discounted price between ten and twenty percent off of the original price for a period of an additional sixty days. After this sixty day discount period, any stock not sold shall be offered for sale at half of the original price for a period of another ninety days.  Any unsold stock remaining after the ninety day half off period, the unsold stock, at the consignee’s option shall either be disposed of at the expense of the consignee or shall be reshipped to the consignor at the consignor’s expense.
  4. We ask that items be listed with the Handbag Consignment Shop for a minimum of ninety (90) days.  Should the consignor require the items be returned before the ninety (90) days is up, the consignor will be responsible for paying $25 per item to the consignee.
  5. CLEANING CLAUSE: All items must be clean and free of debris, excessive odor (e.g. smoke, mildew/mold, etc.), dirt, or personal items.  Any item deemed to need cleaning, including, but not limited to vacuuming, stain removal, exceptional leather conditioning, and/or the need for the elimination of any strong odor, will be assessed a $25 cleaning fee per item towards the consignor as deemed necessary by the consignee.
  6. This agreement shall continue in force unless terminated by the dissolution of the Handbag Consignment Shop or by the long-continued incapability of the company members to attend to the business.  It is agreed that this contract shall terminate on or upon the death of the sole member of the company.
  7. The  prices for which the items consigned to the Handbag Consignment Shop by the consignor are to be sold are to be fixed by the Handbag Consignment Shop from time to time, with consultation with the consignor and with due regard to the prices at which other similar manufacturers are selling their goods of equal quality.  However, the Handbag Consignment Shop reserves the right to set and/or re-set prices from time to time without consultation with the consignor as the Handbag Consignment Shop sees fit with due regard for the terms specified in paragraph four.
  8. Consignor hereby certifies that the goods described herein are in fact to the best of Consignor’s knowledge original products as they are represented to be by label or other designation and were not produced in violation of any intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyright, license or trademark agreement.
  9. Ownership.  Consignor warrants, covenants and agrees that the property, being sold is owned by Consignor and that there are no liens, judgments or other encumbrances against the ownership, including all rights of sale or transfer, of the consigned property.
  10. Exclusivity of Agreement.  Consignee shall have the exclusive right to market and sell the property described hereinabove.  Consignor shall have the right to sell the property described hereinabove for her own account; however, if Consignor does sell the consignment listed during the time of this agreement, Consignee shall be entitled to payment for the sale of such consignment on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  11. Liability for Loss of Consigned Property.  In the event that consigned property is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, or unaccounted for due to any cause, known or unknown (hereinafter these terms referred to collectively as “lost”), while consigned to the Consignee, Consignor agrees to hold harmless and will make no claim against Handbag Consignment Shop, its owners, employees, and/or persons associated with Handbag Consignment Shop.
  12. This agreement shall be interpreted and enforced under the laws of the States of Maryland and Washington.

In witness of the above, each party to this agreement has caused it to be executed freely and voluntarily.