Have you fallen out of love with a designer item? Would you like to clear some space in your closet and turn treasured items into cash? Give pre-loved items a second chance by consigning it at the Handbag Consignment Shop. We do all the market research to ensure you receive top and fair market price for your item, while still making it affordable to buyers and take the hassle of selling your items for yourself.

If you have never consigned before or are an avid consignor, just follow the simple steps below, and we will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with your consignment.

Step 1 – Handbag Requirements

We want to give our customers the best selection while delivering high-quality and affordable products.  Therefore, we ask that . . .

  1. Handbags be in ‘nearly new’ or ‘brand new’ condition – inside and out.
  2. All handbags must be authentic – we do not accept knock-offs or replicas.*
  3. The handbag must have a resale value of at least $75+ per item.  Wallets and wristlets must have a resale value of $25+ per item.  If you have questions about the condition of your handbag, wallet, or wristlet, please feel free to contact us.
  4. We love vintage, but please ensure it is in great shape – otherwise we simply cannot sell it.


Step 2 – Terms & Conditions

You must read and agree to our Seller Terms & Conditions.

Our Creed/Mission

We only sell authentic designer handbags and accessories; we do not accept replicas or reproductions whatsoever. 

We value our customers and want to build a long-lasting partnerships with them.  To build this long-lasting partnership, we have set forth core promises that both you, the consignor, and we, as the go-to Handbag Consignment Shop, will agree to adhere to:

Hence, we agree to:

1. Represent the interests of selling your handbags, wallets, and/or wristlets by photographing and registering them on the Handbag Consignment Shop website.  We take pride in having them shown in an attractive and professional manner and ask that they be there for a period no less than 90 days.

2. When your handbags, wallets, and/or wristlets are sold, you will be paid by check for the net value less the Handbag Consignment Shop’s handling fee of 60%.

3. If the items are not sold within 90 days, we will automatically reduce the price.  If it still remains unsold after 180 days, please let us know what you wish to do with your items by selecting one of the options below.

   a) Donation; or

   b) Return the items to you and charge the postage to your credit card.

4. Offer your items for sale at a fair marketable value. Please note – by having experience in the market, we ask that you entrust the final pricing to us.

5. Handle all inquiries regarding your items and to promote them for a successful sale.

6. Carefully manage and store your items until such time as they are sold or returned to you.

7. Carefully package and ship your items to their new owner.

8. Inform you of the good news when your items have sold and forward your portion of the consignment fee via check. (Please note, payments will be forwarded to clients only after the appropriate time has lapsed to allow for returns…which is normally four weeks.)

9. Handle any problems regarding any sales.

You agree to:

1. Send us your items in a saleable and clean state, as well as in excellent repair. (Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any handbag, wallet, or wristlet.)

2. Should any handbag, wallet, and/or wristlet need to be cleaned or mended, and it is mutually agreed upon to sell thereafter, the customer will be charged the applicable costs arising from such cleaning or mending.

3. Trust us to promote your items and act as your agent in all aspects of the sale.

4. Allow us to deduct the consignment fee as detailed above and in the contract.

5. Accept sole responsibility for the safe delivery of your handbag, wallet, and/or wristlet when sending/shipping them to us. The Handbag Consignment Shop cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

6. Pay the postage, any applicable costs, and a handling fee of $25 per handbag, wallet, and/or wristlet if you require them to be returned to you within the first 90 days of receipt.

7.  Accept all terms and conditions, including, but not limited to our “Hold Harmless” clause on our consignment contract.

Please Note: The Handbag Consignment Shop offers a standard Return Policy to all buyers, therefore we must accommodate an appropriate length of time for returns before consignors receive payments for their items sold.  A copy of the return policy is available upon request.


Step 3 – Contact Us

Please submit your request by filling out the form below. We will get in touch with you to arrange the consignment of your handbags, wallets, and/or wristlets on our site and at our events.

Seller Form



If you would prefer to speak directly to us about consigning your handbags, wallets, and/or wristlets, please call us at (360) 682-5940 or email us at info@handbagconsignmentshop.com.


*We do not buy or support the sale of knock-off or reproductions. The Handbag Consignment Shop is committed to working with those that heed this creed and mission.